Ronnie And Ex- Girlfriend Jen Harley’s Social Media War Gets Nasty

The Jersey Shore has been loaded with a lot of surprises and drama lately and who doesn’t love drama. The viewers are all eager to know minor exclusive details about their favorite star’s life and are all eagle eyes to find something. But as surprising it sounds seems the stars themselves love to take their fights and drama on the social media and the recent example of this was Ronnie and his ex Jen. Read more to know about their social media feud.

The Jersey Shore’s new season does not disappoint its viewers


The show has really kick-started well and the stars are making sure they keep the fire alive by adding fuel from their personal lives and scandals to it.

The show is full of drama and cheating scandals and Ronnie seems to be the prime person


Cheating scandals have been one prime attraction of the show and it thrives to live by it. While the new season has got Ronnie to keep up to their reputation.

Ronnie has been on a cheating spree in the past


Ronnie was caught cheating on his girlfriend in the past multiple times. Ronnie was caught coming back home from clubbing and with him, he got another girl while his pregnant girlfriend Jen was in Las Vegas!

Now Ronnie and his ex-girlfriend got into a feud on social media


Ronnie and baby mama Jennifer Harley welcomed a baby girl on 5th April 2018 and soon they made a shocking announcement! It seems the exes are not on really good terms and their recent fight has just proved it. Find out details of the nasty battle on the next page..