Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s Ex Breaks Silence Shares First Baby Photo!

The Jersey Shore cast is surely making headlines with their performance on an off-screen and with just a few episodes out the show has got some serious numbers of viewers. The new season is sure to fill with drama and scandals and even Ronnie has surely made a lot of friends as well as haters. Ronnie's ex-has just revealed the pictures of his baby daughter and they are all cute. See the pictures when you read the article till the end...

Not just Ronnie, even Jen was recently caught cheating!


Ronnie and Jen were caught arguing on top of a staircase about a video that Ronnie saw on her cell phone. Ronnie yells at Jen, “Why don’t you want to show that, show you getting f**ked in the a** like a hooker?”

Another star Scheana Marie shared her thoughts on Ronnie…


She said, “There are a lot of tumultuous reality relationships, so you never know. I mean, they have a kid together, so hopefully, they could work it out. I know that’s what he wanted. But not everyone can work, not everyone is compatible. I mean they weren’t together very long before she got pregnant, so you never know. But hopefully, even if the relationship doesn’t work out, I hope they can come together for their daughter and just be good co-parents.”


 Pauly D shared some words about Ronnie’s situation along with beautiful baby pictures of his new born!


Pauly D said, “Out of respect for him and his family, he’s not here, so we don’t want to speak on his behalf. We are one big family so we love and support each other in everything that we do.” See the beautiful first ever pictures of Ronnie’s daughter Ariana on Next Page…