‘Roseanne Barr’ Could Mark Her Return, Check Out How and Why?

'Roseanne Barr', an American actress, comedian, writer, and television producer was recently caught into a huge mess when she made a racial tweet, Which led to the consequences being faced by her reality TV Show on ABC network, followed by the various unnerved comments thrown at her by the number of Individuals. But, now she can heave a sigh of relief, as she can mark her return to the ABC. Yes, you read that right. The largest Revenue generator for ABC will have to meet certain conditions on her return. Read more to learn about her return.........

Twitter thrash Roseanne!

Roseanne Barr, who recently got herself involved in a big controversy leading to the Racial tweet made from her Twitter Handle has been dealt with strictest outcomes; making life tough for the Television Produces turned, Comedian. Soon, after the racial tweet was made it was quite expected to make people agitated as she even faced plenty of unnerved comments by her followers who mercilessly thrashed her on twitter.

Was the Tweet Racial?

Her atrocious Racial tweet made from her Twitter handle has made people and her followers a lot agitated, while ABC network had its plans to make the accused suffer. The tweet was made in reference to ‘Valerie Jarrett’, an African-American woman who was a senior adviser to Barack Obama throughout his presidency and considered one of his most influential aides.

No more, ‘Roseanne’ Show on ABC network!

It was learned that ABC network abruptly after the Tweet was surfacing on the Twitter, took a decision to cancel her show featuring on the Network. As per our reports, Later, Roseanne even apologized for her Tweet, but it was too late as the ABC Network abruptly canceled the show, soon after the Tweet. ABC President, Channing Dungey, said in a statement, “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values.”


The ‘Roseanne’ show generated a good Revenue for ABC.

‘Roseanne’ generated $45 Million of Advertising Revenue for the ABC Network this year and predictably it might have crossed more than $60 Million had the Racial Tweet incident not taken place. But, as per the reports lately, it is learned that Roseanne might Heave a sigh of relief, as she might mark her return to the ABC, but this time she might have to return under a different role. Yes, you read that right. The largest Revenue generator for ABC will have to meet certain conditions on her return.

‘Roseanne’, as Sara Gilbert’s Darlene?

As mentioned, ‘Roseanne’ might mark a return to ABC, but as a spin off of the reboot focus on Sara Gilbert’s Darlene. Now, eventually after Racial Tweet, ‘Roseanne’ was cancelled by the ABC. However, it isn’t confirmed as ABC network haven’t made any official announcement yet.

Gilbert coming along with the Original cast on Board?

It was reported from an Insider source close to Gilbert, The show might come along with the original cast on Board including Barr, John Goodman, Michael Fishman, Lecy Goranson, Laurie Metcalf, and Sarah Chalke.

What made Gilbert come with the Darlene?

Is it that in order to rescue the Jobs of those affected by their abrupt decision, ABC is seen putting efforts to come up with the ‘Darlene’? Also, soon after the Cancellation of the show, ‘Lena Dunham’, tweeted, “I will do the spinoff of your show starring Darlene’s cool kids.” responding to the Tweet, Emma Kenney, who plays a character of one of the Kids, said, “I’m in.”