Russian Farmers Put VR Headsets On Cows And It’s Not For Playing Game!

Technology has changed how human functions now. For instance, VR has exhilarated humans gaming experience but what's the use of putting VR headsets on cows? Disclaimer: It's not for playing games. Read the full story to discover that...

Look at the fancy VR headsets


A news release by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Moscow region showed Cows chilling on the farms with VR headsets. Don’t worry, it’s not any futuristic move. The VR headsets were especially used for showing a lovely summer field to the cows. But why do they need a lovely landscape?

To reduce their stress!


Some previous studies suggested that stressed-out cows suffer from reduced appetite and produce less milk. And the makers believe that it will make them relaxed and increase their production! Sounds great, right?


Anxiety level!


The first results showed that their mood got better and the researchers will continue to use VR headsets to study the impact of the futuristic glasses on cows. Well, Russian farmers ain’t the only one to go extra mile to get milk production.

Missouri farmers: We have some inexpensive solutions


Missouri farmers just play some decent music and provide proper lights to enhance their milk production. That’s good. To be fair, a mood lightening and a great view can undoubtedly slump our anxiety level. Going back to VR headsets, it’s reported that the program was developed on the basis of an analysis by Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands,

News that may make you buy a dairy cow!


We know that there are therapy dogs that help us to escape our anxiety but now there are dairy cows. In 2018, a program where students were invited to groom up with dairy cows ranging between 2 and 10 years old concluded with “Cows are great listeners and you can tell how they are feeling by the way they hold their ears, much like a horse,”