These Scary Things From The Famous Anime Naruto Will Creep You Out Completely

Naruto being a fun and adventurous anime has many amazing moments in the entire series, moments like action, drama, funny moments were the best and let's not forget the scary moments. Very few of you might remember the scary moments, so here we have a quick recap for you of the scary moments in the anime that will creep you out.



Sasori appears to be just another puppeteer in the anime Naruto, but he is the strongest puppeteer in the anime with an army of a hundred puppets. But the creepy and scary pat about his that he uses dead bodies instead of wood, cloth, string and traps. Basically Sasori kills people, empties their corpses of their organs and bones and uses what’s leftover to make puppets.



If you remember in the anime a woman posing as Kabuto uses a forbidden technique to literally pull her heart out of her chest and squeeze it in order to kill Naruto, who’s heart is connected to hers. They both would’ve died a horrific and rather painful death if Sasame and Sakura hadn’t shown up on time.