Scott Disick Makes Sofia Richie His Maid

Sofia was a successful model before meeting Scott


“Sofia had big deals before Scott. She was a model for Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors. Now she isn’t doing any of that,” a source uncovered. An onlooker overheard Richie and Disick complaining about their grueling filming schedule, whining about the “hours” they had to do while having lunch at the swank Beverly Hills Hotel.

Her career took a set back while she was with Scott


“Sofia was a hot model that people wanted to hire, like Gigi or Bella Hadid, before she met Scott,” the insider explained. She has even walked the runway for a Yeezy show in 2016, but after dating Disick, that modeling gig dried up.


Is it high time Sofia should think about her career and ditch Scott?


“Sofia was a rising star, now she is just Scott’s girlfriend and they just vacation together,” the source told.