Different countries pronounce their food differently, even though they might mean the same thing. So here we have 12 Scottish foods explained in simple words for the Americans. Read the article to know what these foods are.

1. Porridge.

Whisky is a breakfast food in Scotland if you already did not know that. Porridge or oat meal is Scotland’s national dish, and was invented by crofters in Times of Yore, or possibly Yesteryear.

2. Porridge is served as a sort of starter

Sometimes it’s just a starter before the main breakfast, breakfast main course is called a “full Scottish,” and contains the most important food groups: namely carbs, meats, and crunchy bits.

3. The meat group.

Haggis is the leader of the meat group, a sort of sexually suggestive pudding made with ground animal organs, oats and spices.

4. The best food you’ll ever eat.

It is just a sausage, but it’s vastly different to what you call a sausage, because it is square. The squareness makes it taste better, also it has a different and better flavor than a sausage.

5. Square sausages inside rolls.

Now this is an amazing and delicious dish you  ought to try. It is an  incredible delicacy, but only if it has ketchup on it. People with good taste all accept that ketchup is the only true sauce; any other sauce is a travesty.

6. Foods inside bread rolls.

7. Pasta in pies.

Buckfast is a drink made in Devon, England, but mainly consumed in Glasgow, Scotland, by groups of lively young men at bus stops. This is what we put in our pies.

8. Another drink that Scottish people enjoy.

Scottish love this this drink than even beer, it is called Irn-Bru. It isn’t alcoholic but we make it alcoholic by putting alcohol in it. It tastes of orange food colouring and metal.

9. Beer.

The Scotland’s one of teh most popular beer is called Tennent’s, which tastes a bit like it’s been brewed in an rusty tin bath in someone’s garden.

10. “chippy”.

Scottish people love to go to a chippy which is a shop that sells chips, but not the things that you call chips, because we call them crisps. Although some chippies also sell crisps. They sell deep-fried chocolate bars too.

11. Greggs.

Scottish people’s favorite bakery is the Greggs. Greggs sells runny meat soup encased in pastry and is run by an army of women who bake the best in the country.

12. Teacakes are also a biscuit.

They’re sticky blobs of marshmallow fluff covered in a layer of chocolate that’s about half as thin as an eggshell.