It wouldn’t generally feel like an Apple item dispatch if there wasn’t a type of specialized issue for clients to battle with and the arrival of the new iPhone X hasn’t broken a custom. The tenth-anniversary handset went on sale last Friday, yet as of now clients are encountering issues and it would seem that Apple knew about it the entire time.

OLED Display


“On the off chance that you take a look at an OLED display, you may see slight moves in shading and tone. This is a normal for OLED and is ordinary conduct.

Long-Term Use


With long-term utilize, OLED presentations can likewise demonstrate slight visual changes. This is additionally expected conduct and can incorporate ‘picture persistence’ or ‘burn-in,’ where the show demonstrates a swoon remainder of a picture even after another picture shows up on the screen.

Least Sturdy iPhone?


iPhone X broke on it initial drop and that its glass back and absence of a home button made it the slightest tough iPhone to date. To check out what tests it went through, click next.

A 6-Feet Fall


iPhone X’s glass smashed when dropped on its front and once more from a tallness of six feet and the OLED screen started malfunctioning.

Different Results Of Endurance Test


Many YouTubers have been testing this new flagship phone to many extents. Though all of them are getting different results so some things are still unclear on the phone.

A Test By EverythingApplePro


They actually placed the new iPhone X in 20 feet water tube for at least 35 minutes and it came out without any signs of liquid damage.

A Test Of Getting A Scratch


The iPhone X was tested for scratches with a knife, including the cameras, stainless steel frame, and apple logo. This Youtuber also tried to bend the device and tried burning it with a lighter.