Do All Sea Creatures Actually Exist..? Check Out This Mysterious Adventure Of Steve Feltham As He Looks Out For The Mysterious Sea Creature

A guy who spends almost his 26 years of his life in a converted van, off the grid, close to Loch Ness. Always ready, in case the mystery of Nessie decides to make an appearance for him.

Dinosaur’s had existed many decades ago.. As it is been proven by their fossils & remains deep under the ground the extinction of most dinosaur groups were around 66 million years ago, when the earth had just started to develop which had just started to start life on with. But after 67 million years ago, today at present since 1991 a guy named Steve Feltham looks out for a Mysterious Creature and not a Dino which is called as the Loch Ness Sea MONSTER.

A House some where in the country of Scotland, Loch Ness stays the ‘Loch Ness – Hunter’


Living in a converted van, off the grid, close to Loch Ness as Steve Feltham used to like close to the shore & keeping an eye on shore from his window.

The Eye kept on the shore


Steve Feltham keeps an electro-binocular kept on the shore as for he gets signal from the ‘beep’ he may click the mysterious creature if it appears.