If you are searching for the perfect partner, here we have 10 signs that tell you she is the right one! Read the article to know what these 10 signs are.

1. Understanding

The most important part of a great relationship is respect and understanding. If she understands you and respectsyou for who you are and and tries avoiding misunderstanding between you both, then she can be the one for you.

2. Efforts and happiness

Happiness is a important part of a relationship, if you are not happy with your partner then it’s of no use, happiness can come in any form even in the form of care, if a woman puts in more efforts to make and see you happy then she will surely be the one who will love you for an entire life.

3. Care, help, support and genuine.

The greatest gift a woman can give to a man is her support. So, if she motivates you to be a better person and helps you to realize your dreams, marry her. But make sure you do the same for her!

4. You see your life better with her than without her.

If she adds up to your life or feels like a part of your life, if you see that your life is better with her rather than being without her, then she is the right girl for you.

5. When you don’t feel the need to change yourself for her.

If you think she is the one, ‘Miss Right’ will accept the way you are, if she respects your consistency, the way you have been till now and the way you think to be forever, then perhaps, she is the one you need to get married to.

6. Trust

No relationship can thrive without trust. A strong, lasting relationship can only build when trust is its foundation element. Coz if someone breaks trust, it hurts and the scars that a heartbreak carries might long last than ever. So, it is very important to trust your partner and win the trust of your significant other, especially when the two individuals are deciding on to get married.

7. You never get bored or sick of being with her.

You will be the luckiest guy on earth if she is the one who always be the first one to maintain the spark between you two even after the marriage. So, do not waste too much time!

8. Similar hobbies, values, and interests.

If you and your girl like same TV series, books, places, that’s just superb because life living with the one who has similar lifestyle and way of operating is a big thing. Though you guys might even carry different interests or possess varied hobbies but if life’s core values are similar then you gonna make a great married couple.

9. If she is family oriented.

You should know this important fact about women, a woman who respects and values her and your family is the one who will always want to have a family of her own. If your girl likes your family and ‘guys gang’ and easily get along with your loved ones then she is the right girl for you to settle down.

10. Physical chemistry

Intimacy is very important in a relationship. Be it wild sex, drunk sex, morning sex or lazy sex, if it always turns out to be the best when you are with the person you are meant to be and you always wish to be, then you should actually consider her as your partner for marriage.