The Secret Behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s Incredible Physique

It makes for a challenging game of detecting the difference. Two pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating penalties, one in the 2014 Champions League last and the other against Juventus on 11th April, Wednesday. Time sits tight for no man unless it appears, that man is Ronaldo. At 33 years old, the ripped torso is the same as he was then. There is the six-pack one bulging muscular strength for each time he’s done as the Champions League’s best scorer the tapered waist and wide back that give him a superhuman outline. Here are some secrets of his ripped figure.

Looks More Like An Olympic Swimmer


The very much defined triceps, biceps and pectoral muscles that influence him to look more like an Olympic swimmer than a footballer as far as anyone knows in his twilight years.

Ronaldo’s Love For Swimming



What Ryan Giggs found in yoga, Ronaldo has found in the pool. He swims at home after games, alone or with his child Cristiano Jnr. There are many other things which Cristiano takes care of after each game.

Water Therapy


After of swimming, there is more water treatment with hot and chilly showers to activate muscle regeneration, a high-weight water jet to massage muscles, and a stroll in cryotherapy chamber.

Installed Cryotherapy Chamber In 2013


He had a chamber installed in 2013 after hearing it had functioned admirably for Bayern Munich’s Franck Ribery. The fluid nitrogen treatment achieves temperatures between – 160°C and – 200°C — bearable for around three minutes however with enormous regenerative profits. Click next to read more about how Ronaldo keeps his body in such great shape.