One of the heaviest storms in Scotland uncovered  a secret door in the ground. When the villagers found this secret door they decided to check it out. This is what they found inside the door. Read the article to know more…

1. Skara Brae (Scotland).

In the foothills of Bay of Skaill, a storm uncovered a secret door in the foothills of Bay of Skaill. This place is pre-historic which is a completely preserved village providing you a unique sight.

2. An ancient discovery

the site dates back to the era of 3180 BC to about 2500 BC, Skara Brae is a stone-built Neolithic settlement which today has gained the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3. The storm of 1850

It might be more ancient than the Great Pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge. In 1850 the Orkney islands were hit hard with a devastating storm. More than 200 people lost their lives.

4. Skara Brae

Skara Brae is also known as “Scottish Pompeii,” for its incredible history and excellent preservation.

5. The Village

The local people sort to discover the underground area which was underneath the stone pillars after the storm drove away.

6. The excavation

After the the work was abandoned at Skara Brae in 1886 the remains of the four well-preserved houses were discovered. But there was one more thing hiding underneath it.

7. The second discovery

Skara Brae was again hit by a storm and wrecked the village in 1925. the archaeologists then picked up the work from where the previous workers had dropped it and successfully unearthed eight well-preserved stone houses.

8. 5,000 years ago

It was believed by the archaeologists that the Skara Brae site was inhabited by the ancient Europeans.

9. Ancient civilization

It was estimated that over  50-100 people lived in this village for 600 years. The houses were closed by stone doors and each home was connected to each other through an intricate tunnel. The houses comprised of storage containers, dressers, two beds and included no furniture.

10.Today’s situation of Skara Brae

Scientists say that Skara Brae had become an unfit place to live in around 2500 B.C. The village was buried beneath the beach which is a big mystery how!? Steps are being taken to alleviate damage and preserve this remarkable piece of history. It is important that we need to preserve this incredible remain for at least another 5,000 years.