A secret note from a stranger can be pleasing too

Stranger's secret note is taking over the internet

The most difficult job as described ever is the job of a Mother.A home maker in true sense. If you could recall those tedious days your mom had to face because of your tantrums you would be thankful to her for all her painstaking efforts.

Also  all kids are not same and it takes parents a lot to deal with as they grow up. They have to learn new techniques to handle children as they grow.

Train journeys can be tedious with kids


Sammie Welch a single mother had it all covered to set her  3 year  old son  for a 6 hour long train ride. Rylan was all happy with his favorite things at bay and Sammie wanted the train journey to be less dramatic. Sammie did not realize that admist all their mother son duo activities a stranger was watching them from across the room.

Sammie with Rylan on Good Morning Britain



All Sammy wanted was a peaceful journey for herself and Rylan as well as other fellow passengers keeping her son occupied for the entire journey was all she could think of when she boarded the train.

Together they counted things out of window, read books, played paint has snacks , listened to music and many other things. Rylan as restless as any other kid , behaved fantastic as ever and did not disturb his fellow passengers.

Finally some peace !!


Things worked for Sammie and and Rylan finally fell asleep in her lap.

Little did she realize that a stranger  sitting opposite her had stood up to leave. Before leaving the train the man tapped Sammie on her shoulder and handed her a little note and vanished.

Note from the sweetest stranger



Sammie was totally astonished when she found what was on the 5 pound note.   It read:

“Have a drink on me. You are a credit to your generation, polite and teaching the little boy good manners”.

What was written on the back touched Sammie’s heart the most .


“P.S. I have a daughter your age. Someone did the same thing for her once. Hope when she has children, she is as good a mother as you. ”