Secrets Behind The Top Famous 10 Magic Tricks Finally Revealed

Magic tricks finally open their mystery that was never told to the world, comes to light finally

We all get fascinated with the term ‘Magic’ & the ‘Tricks’, but is magic really for ‘REAL’. An Illusion with an unlocked trick that is termed to be as Magic makes us feel how is he/she doing this stuff. How do magician’s manage to create such an Illusion, it is because mainly year’s of practice that brings them to be called ‘GODLY Magician’s’. As we bring you some tricks that finally got revealed.

When the ‘LIBERTY’ got disappeared from the eyes


If you remember the magic performed by David Copperfield in the year 1983, in which the entire Statue of Liberty disappear completely. Well the trick was very simple one, the Statue was draped with a huge piece of fabric or covered by a big screen put in front of the audience. This simple preparation created the illusion of hollow space, and the set of lights blinded the audience.

A 26000 LB to 33000 LB(pounds) of Truck gets vanished



How’s that possible to do that..? Simple. All you need to do is drape a special construction over the truck, create a fake audience with your friends, and ask somebody to drive the truck out of the constructionWhen the drapes are off, the truck is not there anymore. Now you understand why this trick may be seen only on TV.