Selena Gomez Looks Totally Happy As She Follows Ex-Biebers Footsteps !?

The singer duo couple has been going through rough times lately. Without giving any clear message they have decided to split- for a while. While fans are going all berserk with this decision from the singers. It seems they have finally parted ways and have decided to move on from each other. Justin was recently spotted partying with a new unfamiliar babe and it seems Selena has decided to move on as well. Find out how Selena decided to follows Justin’s footsteps.

The Celeb couple was totally in love


Both Justin and Selena were spotted displaying ultimate PDA just a month ago when they were seen on a vacation and also when Selena met Justin’s family at Justin’s father’s wedding in Jamaica. While everything seemed happy there were rumors that the couple is to move in together.

The sudden split shocked everyone



It was out of the blue that the couple decided to part ways. Initially, the reason for their split was unclear. It was stated previously that Selena wanted some”Me time” time apart to think about her life and that she would get back to Justin. However, later some speculations revealed that they had some differences among them.

Selena was spotted chilling in Texas


While no official statements were made by any of them, it is still pretty confusing to everyone. Soon after the split, Selena was spotted in Texas having some alone time while Justin was not spotted anywhere near. At the same time, it seemed Justin was totally crushed as he was spotted crying in his car.

They both were still seen attending the church together


However, the couple was recently spotted attending and leaving the church together. While Selena was escorted to her car by a Pastor she flashed a shy smile at Justin while he was heading towards his own car. Does this prove there is a secret they are hiding? However, Selena was recently spotted following Justin does this mean they are still into each other? Find on next page…