Selena Gomez Needs Some Me Time Away From Justin

The young celeb couple Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been going through a rough time lately. While things were going all fine between the couple lately something disturbing news has surely come up. They both seem to be drifted apart from each other. While ago it was said that the couple was deciding to move in together after their cozy vacation at Justin’s father’s wedding. However now Selena wants some me time and we are wondering about the reasons behind it.

Selena Gomez To Sort Out Things In Life


It’s seen a rollercoaster ride for Selena when it comes to dating Justin Bieber. The past two weeks were really difficult for both of them.

Selena Wants To Have Her Own Time



After all the arguments with Justin and their breakup rumor, Selena has decided to stay alone and have her own time to get things in her life on track.

Committed To Get Back


As the reports tell us they are fully committed to getting back together. Selena just needs her own time and space to sort things out in her life.

Intense Love


Though they were separated for a long time this time they are still into each other. Selena just wants to chill for a bit. Click next to read about the current relations between Selena and her mother.