Selena Gomez Snaps Haters For Body Shaming Gives A Perfect Answer

Selena has been having a quiet time after the end of her relationship. She was recently spotted in Australia and was seen sporting a chick bikini enjoying time with closed ones. Last year has been particularly tough for Selena after the Kidney transplant that she underwent and followed by depression therapy with the most recent being her split from singer Justin. While in Australia Selena was body shamed by trolls after she was spotted in bikini and Selena gave them a perfect reply. Read more to find out what she said.

Body Positivity


Things which people start speaking about the celebs are never hidden from them. Selena Gomez has stood up about the significance of body energy after trolls focused on photos of her.

Her Past Illness



Selena has faced so much in past years that it’s really not fair to comment on her currently. For the individuals who aren’t mindful, Gomez has been, sick over the most recent couple of years.

Disappeared From Public Eye


She vanished from the public eye in 2017 and said that she needed to leave to have an enormously critical surgery. Nobody knew about the things she was facing at that time in her life.

Her Kidney Transplant


What we weren’t to know at the time was the surgery was a kidney transplant that she was compelled to have because of her diagnosis of Lupus. Click next to read about what Selena had to say all those who criticized her for her body.