Are Selena And Justin Hiding Something? Selena Flashes Secretive Smile At Justin

Selena and Justin have been going through so many disagreements in their relationship that they have decided to part their ways. Selena is taking her own time to sort things out in her head. Justin Bieber was seen crying in his car after the broke up, still wants Selena to be back in his life. They were seen leaving the church service recently but left in different cars. Now the question is what actually is going on with these two as they have decided to take a break. To know more read the below article.

Taking A Break From Relationship


The decision of parting their ways is something they have agreed on. Selena needs her own time to sort things out with her mother as there were some complications just after she starting dating Justin again.

Did Selena Feel Smother?



After so many years of separation, the loveable couple rekindled their romance last year. Selena still felt “smothered” by Bieber.

Selena Couldn’t Deal With Things


Selena after getting back together was not able to handle some things. Reports said, “She could not deal with Justin’s constant questioning”.

Thought Of Being Inseparable


Their rekindled love emerged and they were inseparable for weeks, pictured looking lovely during a getaway in Jamaica for Justin’s father’s wedding. Are they hiding something from us? Click next to read.