Seth Rogen is really freakin’ excited about being name-dropped in the Nicki Minaj verse of Fergie’s new song, “You Already Know.”  The actor and comedian responded on shoutout by posting a tweet on Tuesday. Keep clicking on The Next Page to see Seth’s adorable reaction and Nicki’s perfect response.

Seth Rogen Is New Fanboy

Seth Rogen is Fun Loving, Cute like He is the perfect package of joy. He can make anybody laugh easily, He can do anything to make people laugh. And Everybody respects that.

He did Something on 12th September, That can make anyone love him more.

You even can’t imagine that was possible. Something happened that appeared to make his whole year, and we imagine the above GIF to be his facial expression throughout the week.

In Fergie’s new melody “You Already Know” by Nicki Minaj, Seth gets a speedy yet amazing shoutout in verse 2.


He went crazy about it. He started expressing his craziness with tweets.  Seth tweeted about the honor from Ms. Minaj in all caps, unable to hide his excitement. He instantly becomes 200% more relatable. We’d be losing it too.

Let’s see Lyrics of the song.


Nicki Minaj totally rocked it in her own way. Fergie and Minaj together? They are just awesome together.

Twitter Users were posting their responses for Seth’s super-pumped reaction.

Like this astute user pointed it, it seems as though Seth as finally made it. He should probably just retire now. So how did Seth react?

Frisbee Chan tweeted the bitter truth on Twitter.

Rogen’s excitement comes shortly after John Mayer declared his love for the “Anaconda” singer/rapper. And one fan was quick to note how Mayer is probably feeling about Rogen’s name in her song.

Somebody else also reacted on the Nicki Minaj’s shoutout for Seth.


In Ellens Show, Ellen DeGeneres totally fangirling out over Minaj featuring her in ‘No Frauds’ back in May. The lyrics are: “I am the generous Queen! Ask Ms. Ellen”. This is actually the second time she’s given Ellen a shoutout, the first being in “Come on a Cone”.

There is always someone who will criticize everything.

We can say, He has a valid point. We may or may not have had to triple-check the spelling of “Rogen” before writing this article.

And this one is not happy with it at all.

“Wasn’t that great”? Really?! Nobody is going to give you a shoutout, Twitter user Robyn!

But Seth is lucky to have A supporting fan club.

Anybody will react in the same manner. Anybody will listen to the song again and again for weeks after getting a shoutout like this. But this is not going to end here…

As if Seth couldn’t be any more pumped, Ms. Minaj herself gave him a Twitter shoutout too!

Just imagine his response after watching this Tweet. Seth is Nicki Minaj’s hero, Seth. We think it’s safe to say you’re winning at life.

More powers to Seth Rogen.

Ignore the haters and Be Yourself. Because you’re totally our hero, too.