She Secretly Spent Years in Love With a Man on a Train – Years Later, He Popped The Question.

Watch out hopeless romantics, this story might have you falling in love with every stranger you come across. Have you ever passed someone on the street and locked eyes with them for a moment, and in that moment, you can picture an entire life with them? You can see your house, vacations, and maybe even children. This may seem like a crazy thing to think about, but many people would call this, love at first sight. Sometimes, when this happens it’s just not the right timing, but you can’t stop thinking about that person with the sparkle in their eyes. This couple started out as merely strangers, but with time and patience it turned into something so incredibly beautiful.

Zoë Folbigg took the same train every day on her commute to work.

She would see the same people all the time, and most of the time she just keep to herself. Until one day, there was a new face sitting across from her on the train.

Zoë Folbigg

Zoë was immediately interested in the new stranger.

She wanted to get his attention, but his nose was always stuck in a book. She decided to try a new strategy.


Zoë Folbigg

Zoë figured she needed to change the way she dressed a little bit.

Normally, she would wear jeans and converse everyday, but Zoë realized if she wanted the stranger’s attention, then she needed to dress up more often. So, she started wearing dresses to work, instead of her usual jeans and sneakers.

Zoë Folbigg

The change in wardrobe didn’t seem to work, though.

The stranger still didn’t look up from his book, but that didn’t discourage Zoë. “He was always reading something lovely, he was always reading something I had read,” Zoë said, explaining why she never gave up.

Zoë Folbigg