She Secretly Spent Years in Love With a Man on a Train – Years Later, He Popped The Question.

Zoë was thrilled and said she’d love to get a drink with him.

It turned out that the stranger’s name was Mark, and he was everything she thought he’d be. Their first date had no awkwardness and they had tons of things in common.

Zoë Folbigg

They decided they definitely wanted to continue seeing each other.

In fact, after only three months of dating, Mark moved in with Zoë. They were head over heels in love with each other.

Zoë Folbigg

Three years later, they went on a vacation together.

While on a train in Australia, Mark asked Zoë to marry her! Certainly seems quite appropriate that he proposed to her on a train.


Zoë Folbigg

Today, Zoë and Mark couldn’t be happier!

Not only are they happily married, they’ve extended their family. They’re the proud parents of two beautiful little boys.

Zoë Folbigg