She Secretly Spent Years in Love With a Man on a Train – Years Later, He Popped The Question.

If it wasn’t for Zoë’s bravery, they would never be what they are today.

She attempted to date other men while waiting for Mark, but no one piqued her interest like he did. Luckily, she held out for the man of her dreams.

Zoë Folbigg

It wasn’t just a little schoolgirl crush for Zoë.

“It was definitely love at first sight for me. I know that sounds crazy but that’s how I felt,” said Zoë.

Zoë Folbigg


Zoë realized their love story was one that needed to be shared with the world.

She decided that writing a book was the way to share it, so she did. Mark wasn’t accustomed to reading love stories geared towards women, but he read “The Note,” written by his lovely plus

Zoë Folbigg

Mark loved the relationship Zoë described.

“It’s been fun. He didn’t read it until I got the book deal … but he loved it,” said Zoë. If you like this story, check out Zoë’s book, and maybe you’ll be inspired to start a conversation with the next person who catches your eye.

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