Shit That Happens In Festivals And You Don’t Wanna See Them In Real Life

Have you ever been in any festival? If you have then you know what kind of things happen there, such thing you don’t want to see in real life. Read the article to find out whats happens in festivals.



The horror of seeing an overloaded potaloos, one of the most horrible site to see.

The drunk tent fails.


In a festival you will often see drunk wankers crash into your tent during the night but you just laugh it off.



The worst part in a festival is when all sorts stuff are often stolen around the camp site and you hate it! Then you have no option but to steel from someone else!

Hang out with strangers


Maybe a good thing that you meet random drunk strangers and start talking to them, but some might just be annoying!

Weird fashion disasters!


people go crazy with their clothes, which is better that some people who go naked!

The heavy drugs and drinks!


Festivals have a laissez-faire approach to drug taking.

Beer for breakfast!


Yeah and how could you forget those healthy breakfasts full of beer that helps with the hangover!

Phone battery!


It is a real blunder when your battery is at 1%, you will either ditch your phone completely or go and queue for hours at a pay station to give it some juice.