Shocking Myths And Reality About Space You Need To Know

The universe is full of unexplored secrets and myths, there are many myths that is humanly impossible to find out now. But are some myths that you can know. Read the article to know what these myths say....

The earth is round?


It is taught to us that the earth is round in shape, but you should know that the planet is  slightly flattened at the poles and widened at the equator, also its surface constantly changes due to the continuous motion of tectonic plates and erosion. So the conclusion is, the earth is not a complete round shape!

The sun is yellow in color.


Depending on the time of the day, the sun emits a lot of different shades of red and yellow. But, the sunlight is actually white. When this white sunlight reaches the earth’s atmosphere, it changes color due to the position of the earth. Read on what would happen to a guy in the outer space, without a spacesuit.