The year 2018 has been really great for the Teen Mom show as the year started with some huge dramas like Farrah being fired, many Teen Mom stars getting pregnant and a lot more. Javi and Briana too ended their relationship in this year, there were too many issues between Javi and Briana, not to mention Kail was a big issue. It has been recently reported that Javi might have got secretly engaged, but with who? Read the article to know more…

Javi has a long history of relationships, but has he finally found the one?


In terms of relationships, Javi has had one of the most controversial moments on the show, his relationship with Kailyn was a complete disaster as we all know, not just Kail but Javi was in a relationship with many women, including Briana DeJesus.

After breaking up, Javi tried to get back with Kail many times in the past…


We all know how many times Javi has tried to patch things up with Kail after being dumped by her. In spite of being dumped by Kail for the wrong reasons, Javi kept trying and eventually started dating other women as things didn’t work out well with Kail…

Javi was looking for the right woman to settle down with, he even tried dating Briana…


Javi has always wanted to be with someone who he can settle down with in life. Javi had no intentions to hurt Kail by dating Briana, all he was looking for was a good partner to settle down with. With all the women he dated none of them were ready to settle down with him until he met the right woman…

Did Javi really find the woman to settle down with? Kail reveals some shocking news about Javi!


Javi dated a girl named Lauren a few years back, back then Javi was not able to sustain his relationship with her for that long, but now that he is back with her again, do you think he got engaged to Lauren? Or is it Briana? Find out the shocking update on Next Page…

Javi and Briana ended their relationship this year in January!


After months of dating each other, they broke up. Javi finally talked about his heartbreaking breakup with Briana, “I’m hurting a little right now, I’m upset about it.” Briana said, “Javi and I are not together anymore.”

 Now that Javi is with Lauren, is he ready to settle down?


Javi explained why he chose to get back with Lauren, “I need love and affection, Kail isn’t like that. I think we both knew it just wouldn’t work. I would get frustrated because I need more of a sure thing and she couldn’t give me that at the time.”

Javi is finally ready to propose, Kail reveals, Javi was engaged to someone…!


Javi has dated too many women to finally realize that he spent all his efforts and time behind the wrong women. Now that he has finally found the right girl, he is ready to go down on one knee, find out who Javi finally proposed to on the Next Page…

Javi and Briana may have gotten engaged.


During the Teen Mom 2’s season premiere video, one of the clips revealed a secret about Javi and Briana, Javi was seen revealing an engagement ring, he said, “Briana really loves me and I see that.”

Javi seems to have picked out the ring for his girlfriend!


One of Javi’s friend told him, “Javi, you’re moving way too quick.” Briana was aware of Javi’s intentions, one of her friends asked her,  “If he does ask you to marry him, are you going to say yes?” She responded saying, “I don’t know!”

Kail revealed on her twitter…


Kail confirmed Javi and Briana were engaged, she said, “Bc the fact that they then dated and were engaged…. how was I supposed to explain that they were not “cousins” but “step-siblings”.”