We all remember season finale of Teen Mom OG when Ryan Edward fell asleep at the wheel. Here we have a new connecting story.


The season finale of Teen Mom OG left fans horrified from watching Ryan Edwards fall asleep at the wheel after taking a “Xanax,” according to his new wife, Mackenzie Standifer.

An Addiction Expert

Dr. Pawan Grover an addiction expert and medical TV correspondent, told that the suspicious marks on the MTV dad’s hands and arms are consistent with track marks.

Marks on his wrists

As you can see there are visible marks on Rayn’s wrist. This is not a good sign

Mark in the middle of his arm

And while he was fixing a toy car, the camera showed a mark in the middle of his arm.

History with addiction

“Based on Edwards’ history with addiction issues on the show, the images are consistent with track marks,” Dr. Grover, who has not treated Ryan, told the site. “Which is a tell-tale sign of chronic intravenous drug use.”

Puncture wounds from injections

He explained that the marks might be “puncturing wounds from injections of drugs intravenously.” Adding, “Because there is no discoloration, bruising, and scarring around these sites, it suggests this is continued chronic use. The veins near the puncture wounds appear to be collapsed, which is also consistent with chronic IV drug use.”

Driving under the influence

As we have all watched that, Ryan was driving under the influence with Mackenzie Standifer . “Why are you swerving?” she asked him, as he slurred, “My eyes baby in the sunlight I can’t keep them open.”


Ryan checked into rehab

After getting married to Mackenzie, Ryan checked into rehab and resurfaced on social media Father’s Day weekend. In a statement to MTV Ryan said, “A little over 30 days ago, I made the decision to check myself into a rehabilitation facility. I am back home now doing well, and life could not be better. ”