LOVE Island’s Rykard Jenkins was pushed to the floor, stamped on and had his shirt ripped from his back after a violent fight broke out at fellow islander Kem Cetinay’s fashion launch party last night. Viciously

These exclusive photos obtained by sources the moment last year’s Love Island contestant Rykard was attacked.


Rykard has publicly claimed on Twitter that Kem and his mates beat him up – but our exclusive pictures prove Kem wasn’t there. The shocking images show Rykard lying on a pavement outside a nightclub while a group of men clad in black shirts and trousers appears to kick and stamp down on him.

Rykard is pictured curling his body up to protect himself with his hands shielding his head, as blows hammer down from above.


One of the men seems to crouch down to Rykard’s level on the ground as the attack continues.

The star loses his shirt during the violent brawl and appears to have blood smeared across his shoulder and back when he finally manages to get to his feet.


Bouncers can be seen intervening and dragging one man away from the scene. The man appears to be agitated and shouting as the bouncer holds him around the waist and pulls him up a set of steps away from Rykard.

Kem denied..


While Kem, who has denied any involvement, is nowhere to be seen during the attack, his distraught girlfriend Amber Davies is pictured being led away in tears as the brawl continues in the background.

Clad in a white dress, the brunette has her back to the attack as a friend in pink wraps an arm around her waist and walks her away.


Amber is pictured sitting on a concrete block next to a building site tunnel in floods of tears and looking completely devastated.

Three friends are seen trying to comfort the Love Island winner, as one rubbed her back to calm her down.



She was also pictured being hugged by a pal in the aftermath of the incident.

Kem released a statement today branding claims he attacked Rykard last night as “madness”.


And he followed that up later on by insisting the pair are ‘friends again’, tweeting: “Just got off the phone to [Rykard]. We are friends just like we were before, what happened is disgusting. I was not involved myself.

Kem said I will make sure it’s dealt with as it’s not acceptable and I won’t let things like that happen and ruin both me and Rykard’s night.


Rykard replied: “Appreciate it mate. You’re a good kid. Just be careful who you have around ya because you don’t want them ruining things. Love.”

Rykard added to fans: “Me & [Kem Cetinay] have spoke & cleared up the misunderstanding.”


Rykard had posted pictures of his bloodied face to social media overnight and accused this year’s champ of assaulting him with the help of his mates – something that Kem insists didn’t happen.

In a statement, Kem said: “I am literally so gutted about this situation that took place outside the club.”


“Firstly that someone got hurt but secondly that my name got dragged into something which I had absolutely nothing to do with myself… the launch was the biggest night of my career which I spent with Amber and my family undertaking press and interviews.

The situation will be dealt with by the club and Kem hope all is resolved but it’s upsetting that this violence has been used on his night with his family around him.


As fans quickly tweeted him messages of support, Kem thanked them for not assuming the worst. He added: “Thank you guys for still supporting and defending me as it’s so easy to jump conclusion and assume what you hear is true”

Rykard was flirting with Amber…

Last year’s hunky contestant Rykard, who found love with co-star Rachel Fenton, claimed the incident took place after he flirted with Kem’s girlfriend Amber at the swanky boohooMAN fashion launch in London.But Kem later took to his own account to deny the fisticuffs.