Shocking Things You Wouldn’t Expect A Family Member To Do

A family is a collection of people who love each other, they take care and support each other. But there are times when a family is not that perfect, and they might end up doing things that you'd never expect them to do. Here we have an article for such instances that will shock you, read the article to know more....

Targeted tax.


Recently a guy was visited by his mother and sister, so the guy decided to go shopping with sister who was 13 years old. On their way out the asked his sister, “Don’t you hate it when (her dad) takes his tax?”  the sister shocked, asked him to elaborate…. so the guy said, “I tell her about how he used to demand 15% of everything I got when I was living with my parents while they were married. 15% of my Halloween candy, 15% of my money from my lemonade stand when I was 9, 15% of my tip and wage from my waitressing job when I was 18 on top of paying rent, he even demanded my food when I made dinner.”

The guy continued, “My sister was shocked and I realized he had only ever done it to me. It was quite jarring to realize I was the only one he was targeting.” (Razadragon)

A lesson learnt in time.



The story goes as, “I come from a very conservative Mormon/Catholic family in Wyoming and we have generations of veterans in our family. I was the only member in my family to obtain an Eagle Scout and graduate from college.” He added saying, “I was deployed twice overseas and each time I returned home not a single member of my family ever came to see me return.” One of his older brother got married and the other one was in the military, from his suffering to gain his family’s attention he realized that, “I realize now that what I went through was lesson to ensure my son will never experience what I had to go throandfather!ugh.” (roanry)