Shocking Things You Wouldn’t Expect A Family Member To Do

A family is a collection of people who love each other, they take care and support each other. But there are times when a family is not that perfect, and they might end up doing things that you'd never expect them to do. Here we have an article for such instances that will shock you, read the article to know more....

The reason I hate my grandfather!


“My grandmother died when I was four and a couple years later my grandfather got remarried to another woman. What my grandfather did after the marriage is what’s messed up. He completely abandoned all his family for his new wife’s family, he sold off or gave all of my grandmother’s stuff to his new wife, and the last thing he said to me before I never saw him again was “I’m not your grandpa.” Imagine being a six year old who’s only father figure and hero said that before walking out forever.” (DoctorHL)

Loot of greed.


“During my father-in-laws unexpected sickness and death my brother-in-law got greedy. My BIL proceeded to loot my FIL of as many of his earthly possessions as he could load up, and took it all to his house. He then proceeded to tell the entire family that I had stolen large amounts of money from my father-in-law. After my FIL’s death my BIL embezzled the estate funds $50,000 from the account – my wife ended up suing him and he had to return half. This act tore the family apart; all because of greed.” (reh1968)