Shocking Things You Wouldn’t Expect A Family Member To Do

A family is a collection of people who love each other, they take care and support each other. But there are times when a family is not that perfect, and they might end up doing things that you'd never expect them to do. Here we have an article for such instances that will shock you, read the article to know more....

Jealousy is a bitch!


“My sister lied to a social worker to have us investigated for child abuse and neglect, leading to our foster child being removed from our home even though the claims were found to be false. Not only did she mess up that baby’s life she also destroyed my other kids because one day their sibling was home and the next gone with no warning. To this day my sister maintains that she did the right thing because we “didn’t need more kids.”” (Katogo)

Backstabbing brothers!


“My uncles came by the house after my father died, got my mother (their sister) drunk, and then took a lot of my father’s things with her drunken permission. Things that were meant for my brother and me. Those bastards. I never speak to them anymore for that reason.” (ec_rider)