This isn’t the first time that things have gotten tense between the moms of Teen Mom 2, but it’s definitely the most explosive!

It all started after fans learned that Jenelle Evans was traveling to Los Angeles to film the Teen Mom 2 after show, without her newborn daughter, Ensley.

Jenelle was quick to explain that she didn’t bring Ensley as per orders from her doctor and she was only going to film because MTV wouldn’t let her out of it.

Even though Chelsea  doesn’t reply to thousands of tweets to her a day, she randomly joins in this conversation that she isn’t even tagged in, seemingly just  to throw shade at Jenelle!


And the catfight begins! While Chelsea isn’t tagged, this subtweet definitely seems directed at her, even Papa Randy thinks so too it appears!


Then comes Chelsea’s dad to throw in his 2 cents!

Then things got even crazier! Jenelle was unable to film the MTV after show after coming down with the stomach virus.

So instead they video chat with Kail who immediately launches into her disappointment over Jenelle ‘leaking’ her pregnancy announcement before she was ready!

Then Jenelle says it was actually Javi who released the news, and she goes after Papa Randy who is still stirring the pot!


This is not gonna end soon. The things will take a long time to cool down