This young girl had an unnatural birth where she was born with organs outside her body, but still she managed to survive. Read the article to know her story amazing story.

The most shocking birth.


Jacey Pollack was the unfortunate baby who was born with all her organs outside her body! It is as scary as you can imagine! She is brave girl to go through something like this.

It is a birth defect


She is suffering from a birth defect where her organs protrude from the belly but are covered in a thin, nearly transparent sac. Read on the next page her brave journey to recovery…..

Jacey was born premature


This type of birth defect is called Omphalocele, and is typically fixed immediately after birth. But since Jacey was born premature, she had to wait until she was two.

Jacey’s mother explains….


Her mother Jennifer explains, “All she has known [all] her life is going to and from the hospital for operations,” Jennifer also said she had multitude of miscarriages before Jacey. Read more about her struggle on the next page….

Jacey is Jennifer’s ‘miracle baby’


Jennifer says, “I’ve always had such complicated pregnancies. It was heartbreak after heartbreak. I have suffered multiple miscarriages and in 1995 and 1996 I lost two little boys. In 1998 I also lost a little girl. Jacey has overcome so much. She was born five weeks premature and weighed just 3.5 pounds.”

Her condition never once slowed her down.


Jacey is receiving treatment at the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, England. Jacey is a very confident baby and she is strong, Jennifer said, “She even met Peter Andre, Jessie J, and other stars, t“She even met Peter Andre, Jessie J, and other stars.” Now Jacey is 8 years old and recovered, see her pictures on the next page….

The last big surgery Jacey received was a cosmetic one


Jennifer explains, “The plan was to not wake her up for three days because she had so much work done. But the day after, they lost her heartbeat. I could see her through the window and them performing CPR on her.”

Thankfully, Jacey pulled through


Jennifer said,  “Jacey is a little miracle, it has been such a long process but I’m so proud of her. She has stayed strong throughout and is such a smiley girl.”