Since the famous series ’13 Reasons Why’ was released on Netflix the show has been a total hit. There are many world wide fans of the show. Here we have something that might interest you, the show apart from from being an emotional love drama it has also taught us 13 lessons about relationships. To know more read the article.

1. People are not subject to jokes.


It is important to know that people do not always appreciate your sense of humor, you may think you have an amazing sense of humor but others might not. So, make sure you do not make any kind of offensive joke when people hate it.

2. People don’t always do what they say.


We need to face this hard truth that most people never do what they say. It is better not to stay dependent on what people say and the things they do. It is better to expect the least from people so that it won’t hurt you in the process.

3. Friends can’t always be trusted.


Some people might have experienced that the people they thought were their actual friends were actually not their true friends. You should always be smart enough to know who are your true friends and who aren’t.

4. Don’t believe everything you see.


A photograph can tell as many lies as the people in that photograph; maybe even more; given that there are two sides to every person and every story.

5. Always be careful with your words.


Words can make and break any relationship, so it is advised to choose your words wisely no matter how angry or frustrated you are. Strong words are much effective than your actions so make sure you say it right.

6. Silence can say a lot.


It is always said that silence speaks a lot, well it is true. Silences can make a person go crazy, if you don’t understand it well you may never understand what the other person wants to say.

7. Actions speaks a lot.


Just like expressing your feelings and emotions through words, actions too say a lot about your feeling and emotions. So make sure you act for what you speak and you will have the perfect combination.

8. Don’t assume things the way you want them.



Just because you are confident about yourself do not assume stuff without any reason. You need to find out the reason first, just because someone is mean to you, doesn’t mean they hate you.

9. Secrets can be dangerous keep them well hidden.

Secrets makes a man burdened and unpredictable, the more unpredictable the person, more dangerous he is. As you can never know what he/she might do next. It is best to stay away from secrets and if you have your own then better not tell anyone.

10. Talking is important part of socializing.


Talking is very good for mental health, it’s as good as breathing but not as easy. If you have seen the series “13 Reasons Why’ the you’ll know how important is it for you to talk to people.

11. Stand against wrongdoing firmly till the end.


If you feel and believe something is wrong then you  should stand by it till the end. No matter what others feel about you when you know you are morally right doing a thing then you should stand by it.

12. Express your feelings before it’s too late.


We live just once and sometimes life doesn’t even go on for that long, so make sure you express all your feeling in this time and make the most of it till you can. Live every moment of it. And the 13th lesson the most important leasson that the show teaches us that suicide is never the answer.