Sia began producing music since the mid 90s and has picked up a lot of attention from the audience for each talent that she has. In any case, one thing about the singer has always remained a riddle. She has a tendency to include abnormal huge wigs in her closet regularly which cover her face. In every one of the years that she has been a singer, she has used the strategy to cover her face and just some time back, she turned out with the reason. It’s a stunning one, I must say.

Wigs have always been an important accessory in Sia’s wardrobe.


In each award shows or the meetings, everybody can see her wearing a large and abnormal wig.

You will never find Sia without a wig.


It’s always a larger than usual wig that covers the majority of her face with the motive that not even her eyes or at times the nose remain visible.

People started getting more and more curious about her wigs.


As she began picking up popularity among the audience, everybody became obsessed with what she actually looked like.

So what does she look like?

For what reason does she continue hiding her face? Everything has an answer! Click on the next page to know more.

In an interview with Ellen, she revealed the secret.


Let us see what does she said.

Her answer was pretty understandable.


She said, “Well it’s just so that I can go to Target and buy a house if I want to… Or if I find I’m very in need of a restroom, I can go on the side of the road. No one would be following me with a camera trying to get the shot!”.

She also loves the element of mystery it adds to her personality.


Individuals know artists for their music, yet individuals know Sia for her puzzling aura also.

But Sia isn’t entirely opposed to showing her face.


No no! It’s not like that she hates her face! Click on the next page to know more.

She looks pretty even without the wig.


Everybody is so confused, how can she choose to hide such a beautiful face.

But if that’s Sia’s style statement, we can’t do anything about it.


Sia has a unique and crazy style statement.

We’ll enjoy her music, no matter what.


On December eighteenth, this story on Sia was updated and incidentally, it also happens to be her birthday.