Simple Tricks That Will Make You Say, “Hey, Why Didn’t I Know This Before..?”

Something you must be doing wrong some where that didn't make you realize that this could be done easily rather doing it the wrong way

Certain things in life makes us wounder that this was so simple & be tend to misunderstand those aspects when we realize that the thing that we were been doing was much simpler than we our selves actually making it complicated for our own selves.

Kernels & straws in your corns


you may move the straw around in the bottom of the bag and through your popcorn to get butter throughout, instead of just on the top layer of kernels or called as (a softer, usually edible part of a nut, seed, or fruit stone contained within its shell).

Space your food-stuffs to heat faster



making ‘ring’ like space or even spreading your food before heating them in to the micro-wave the heat that is generated will heat-up your food sooner rather piling-up to heat, won’t work much.