The ‘Skyscraper Building’ Of Dubai Catches Fire And Torches The Building From The 67th Floor

Fire Flairs Out By Early Dawn 4 a.m. In the tallest building's of Dubai Emirates Causing Tragic Trauma within people

The so called ‘Torch Tower’ or even called The Elite apartment building, is the building which is the 32nd tallest in the world & was damaged by a blaze that occurred in the year 2015 as been reported so far.

Fire starts to Blaze from the outside of the Tower


Tragic footage has emerged showing a huge tongue’s of flame rip through a skyscraper in Dubai early morning at 4 am.

An other angle of the Flame that was captured


This was taken by the on looker John O’Nolan from his cell-phone. This was horrifying for those even out side the building looking it getting burnt down.