The so called ‘Torch Tower’ or even called The Elite apartment building, is the building which is the 32nd tallest in the world & was damaged by a blaze that occurred in the year 2015 as been reported so far.

Fire starts to Blaze from the outside of the Tower


Tragic footage has emerged showing a huge tongue’s of flame rip through a skyscraper in Dubai early morning at 4 am.

An other angle of the Flame that was captured


This was taken by the on looker John O’Nolan from his cell-phone. This was horrifying for those even out side the building looking it getting burnt down.

On the Aid & Rescue Mission


Fire Department Services, Paramedics, Police arrive at the spot to rescue civilians those who were trapped in the flames of the building.

Looking for a way out


Fire Department & other rescue team up to find a route to get in & rescue the people stuck in the flaming gulf of the building.

Blazing all along the Tall height

Fires seen at the 1105 foot tall Torch Tower skyscraper morning 4 a.m. residents watch the tall building in flames.

No serious injuries or Burns to any civilians staying there


Rescue team & Police say that no one is burnt or serious with this incident so far. The heat is cooling off & the situation is bought under control.

As it burns of..


The on-lookers witness the incidence & capture it in their phones a tragedy that made the city turn in terror of blaze.

A Cloud of Smoke remains


By day break officials say that no casualties no deaths, just a cloud of smoke remains on the building. Things are yet to get under control & the loss is to be replaced.

Dubai’s Building still holds tall, though it was a nightmare for the people of Dubai still it will be reconstructed again say the people.