Small Handy Gadgets – n – Gizmos That Might Save You During The Time Of Emergency

Have you every experienced the ultimate use of some of the latest Technological aspects that are made to save you from the biggest disasters

Here we take you to a thrilled feeling with an experience as how you can save your self form the problems that arise during your lack of conveniences at the peek moment of time. There are devices on which a person’s life can really depend on during such situations, take a look.

When you are to the Beach, U-SAFE is the Saver


To your little knowledge the ‘U-SAFE’  is a smart float with an electric engine and remote control. It’s made for use on ships and in coast guard teams. The remote control allows you to guide the float to a person who is been drowning and safely gets them to the shore or harbor.

When you dive & know that SHARKS are around – SHARKBANZ to the rescue


To this technology, this electro band SharkBanz’ is an indispensable device for divers and surfers. Just interlock the bracelet on, activate it, and it will start emitting ultrasound signals that will make you an undesirable object for sharks.