Here we take you to a thrilled feeling with an experience as how you can save your self form the problems that arise during your lack of conveniences at the peek moment of time. There are devices on which a person’s life can really depend on during such situations, take a look.

When you are to the Beach, U-SAFE is the Saver


To your little knowledge the ‘U-SAFE’  is a smart float with an electric engine and remote control. It’s made for use on ships and in coast guard teams. The remote control allows you to guide the float to a person who is been drowning and safely gets them to the shore or harbor.

When you dive & know that SHARKS are around – SHARKBANZ to the rescue


To this technology, this electro band SharkBanz’ is an indispensable device for divers and surfers. Just interlock the bracelet on, activate it, and it will start emitting ultrasound signals that will make you an undesirable object for sharks.

Best for WOMEN


Women prefer safety no matter where they may be, ‘Nimb‘ is the technological guardian angel no matter where ever you go. Its work is to send alarm sent to your close ones’ smartphones or to a rescue service. Those lovers of night promenades ladies will appreciate this device. A plain stone looking ring can be your life saver.

Anti-Venom extractor


Handy enough to carry like a’FIRST AID KIT’ especially when bitten by insects or snakes with deadly poison. It’s a powerful and convenient vacuum pump that can extract venom from a wound. Apart from the pump, the kit includes a razor, sterile tissues, and Band-Aids.

A Balloon for your rescue


Never underestimate the use of even the most ‘lightest weight’ object. A balloon called as ‘Rescue Me Balloon‘ is made to mark the location of people in distress. It’s a compact orange box that can easily be taken by you on a hiking trip. An air balloon which will rise up 150 ft (45 m). At night, the balloon will flicker thanks to a light ring that accumulates solar energy during the day.

Slingshot your POCKET for this


This hand-made device can help you during sudden attacks even allows you to shoot diverse projectiles, from metal balls to stones or bolts, with just a slight effort and hardly any special skills. Just put your projectile into the rubber sling, pull it back, aim at your target, and release.

Network issues… NO MORE


The name of this operator is called “goTenna” will help you when mobile networks are out of range or no range. The device allows smartphone and tablet users to stay online even when there’s no link. It creates a private network that lets you send messages and your GPS coordinates with the help of low-frequency waves for up to 50 miles.

Water everywhere will not be the one fit for drinking


As this gadget won’t allow you to fall in such a trouble no matter how contaminated the water may be, the charcoal filter allows you to quickly filter any water, making it fit for drinking. Its convenient shape lets you not only use it as an attachment to a bottle but also drink right from the body of water.

Like a OWL that keeps a Watch


CAMP/y is made for all those who love to camp with a tent and a cozy fire. This charming “night birdy” uses its sensors to watch over important parameters nearby. The data is sent to a smartphone, and, in case of danger, the device can sound a alarm. In additional, the CAMP/y can act as an electronic sensors keeping the mosquitoes away for 6-feet radius.

Save you from HARD – RIGID enclosures. Drill, Cut, Break


Glass breaker shatters tempered windows. Seat belt cutter slices safety restraints. Sonic alarm wards off attackers. LED flashlight conveniently lights the way. Emergency flasher signals emergency. These were some of this creature gadget that has multiple functions, saving you any where from any situation that you are trapped in.

Buying these small life-savers & keeping them along with you will make you never forget them when they were there to help you at that moment of your life was in need to be rescued.