Its been a long batter for Jenelle to get custody of her son Jace from her mother. To know more on what happened between Jenelle and her mother, Barbara in the North Carolina court read the complete article.

1. Battling in North Carolina court

Jenelle Evans was battling her mother, Barbara Evans, in a BrunswickCounty, North Carolina, court room on Wednesday, hoping to finally regain custody of her son, Jace.

2. Unsuccessful in her bid

As per exclusively confirm that the Teen Mom 2 star was unsuccessful in her bid to get full custody of the boy.

3. Signed over to Barbara

An insider revealed that the judge did not approve Jenelle getting full custody of Jace, whom she signed over to Barbara when he was just a baby.

4. Ended up in mediation

While Babs and Jenelle were scheduled to go to trial today, they ended up in mediation instead.

5. No full custody but will be getting more time

From what we hear, Jenelle did not get full custody but she will be getting more time with her son.

6. Barb offered to share custody

The insider says that Barb offered to share custody with Jenelle, and that they are working out a set custody schedule so that Jenelle will have the boy on certain days. (It will be similar to how co-parents share custody of their children.)

7. Jenelle in tears

Jenelle was reportedly in tears at the courthouse. MTV cameras captured the moments before Barb and Jenelle went into court, as well as the moments afterward.

8. New custody agreement

We do not have all the details yet, but from what we heard, this new custody agreement will ensure that Barb can’t withhold Jace from Jenelle for weeks at a time, as Jenelle has claimed her mom has done in the past.

9. Jenelle plans to try to get full custody of Jace again

The insider told that this custody agreement can be revisited at a later date, and that Jenelle plans to try to get full custody of Jace again, after this agreement has been in place for a while.

10. Stay tuned for more details!