Sofia Richie Proves She Is A Better Mom Than Kourtney

Sofia Richie had initially specified that she did not want to replace Kourtney and be the mom to her and Scott’s kids. It is pretty much clear that Kourtney does not like Sofia around kids as she thinks her to be a bad influence. However, it seems Kourtney is too busy loving her younger boyfriend that Sofia has finally stepped in to take care of the kids and the kids like her too. The recent pictures from Scott Disick prove Sofia is much better than Kourtney. Read more to find out pictures.

Kourtney seems to be totally in love with Younes


In the recent days, Kourtney has been spotted a lot of times displaying PDA with her much younger boyfriend Younes Bendjima. The Duo was spotted enjoying the recent Coachella festival and also on many vacations.

Both the exes have younger partners and enjoy their company



While Kourtney is dating the 25-year-old pro boxer turned Instagram model and her ex-Scott Disick is going out with 19-year-old Sofia Richie. Both the exes seem to be totally in love with their current partners yet have a co-parenting relationship between them.

Sofia and Kourtney are in constant feuds and Scott adds fire to it


Kourtney does not like Sofia’s influence on her kids. According to sources “Kourtney [Kardashian] worries that Sofia [Richie] is not a good role model for her children and because Scott [Disick] refuses to listen to Kourtney‘s requests [about keeping her away from the kids], Kourt has reached out to Sofia personally and told her to back off from spending so much time with them.”

Scott stated Sofia is a better mother to his kids than Kourtney


Scott has been telling his friends about the bonding between Sofia the kids. He stated that Sofia is better than Kourtney when it comes to taking care of the kids. Now Sofia is proving Scott’s word true and the world gets to witness it too. Find out pictures on the next page..