Sofia Richie Proves She Is A Better Mom Than Kourtney

Sofia cleared her intentions pretty well


According to sources, “Sofia has made it clear to Scott that she would love to have her own kids one day and thinks he is a great father, but she has no intention on trying to replace Kourtney or be a step-mom to his kids.”

Kourtney finally wants to settle down with Younes


A source close to Younes said, “Younes wants kids and he wants them with Kourtney – just not yet.” Even Kourtney agrees with it and she would surely like Younes to be her baby daddy.


Kourtney was out celebrating Younes’ birthday while Sofia stepped in


Kourtney celebrated Younes Bendjima‘s 25th birthday by taking him away on a surprise couple’s trip! The pair boarded a private jet together to celebrate the French model’s birthday. It was a big surprise for Younes as Kourtney planned an impromptu trip to the Colorado River! Find pictures of Sofia being the perfect mom on the next page.