Sofia Richie Seeks New Love As Relationship With Scott Disick Gets Boring

Kourtney does not like Sofia around her kids


A source explained, “Kourtney has been adamant that it is not OK for Scott, to be dating Sofia, a teenager who is 15 years younger than he is, much less let her be around their young, impressionable children.” It seems finally Kourtney’s wish will come true.

With the recent accusation on Sofia by Kourtney, she finally speaks up…


The source revealed, “Sofia has made it clear to Scott that she would love to have her own kids one day and thinks he is a great father, but she has no intention on trying to replace Kourtney or be a step-mom to his kids.”


Sofia says she is bored with Scott


It seems despite planning to have her own kids with Scott, Sofia has now changed her mind and is planning to leave Scott. Read more to know what exactly Sofia wants on the next page…