Sofia Richie Seeks New Love As Relationship With Scott Disick Gets Boring

Sofia was initially blinded


It seems the model is now starting to seeing the other side (negative) of Scott. This states that their honeymoon period is definitely over and their relationship is getting bitter. A source revealed, “Sofia is definitely becoming more woke when it comes to Scott.”

Scott is showing his true color


The source further stated, “She’s starting to see a lot of things that she was initially blinded to. When they were first together it was all crazy great sex, travel, and fun, but as time went on things got a lot more mundane, and Scott stopped being so attentive and charming. To be frank, he’s showing his true colors, and he’s been a dick to her a lot of the time. Sofia is starting to listen more to her dad and closest friends, and realize that Scott may not be her soulmate and the love of her life.”


Scott is still hung up on Kourtney


A lot of people believe that Scott is still hung up on his ex Kourtney Kardashian which has worried Sofia. “Over the past couple of months Scott and Sofia seem to always be fighting,” an insider stated. “A lot of their fights stem from his ongoing obsession with Kourtney, but they also argue over the way he treats Sofia, which is pretty crappy most of the time.”