Something Fishy! Kate And Andy Spade Had Relation Trouble!!! Read Suicide Note!!

Kate Spade, 55 Years old, American Fashion Designer, who was found dead in her Park Avenue Home had hung herself and committed suicide. However, there have been multiple reasons reported behind the suicide, but here is the sole and main reason behind her suicide. Read more to know about this shocking incident.....

This Shocking tragedy has shocked the Fashion Industry!!

Kate Valentine, popularly known as, Kate Spade, who was found dead in her apartment after committing a suicide. As per the police reports outlet, it was reported that Kate hung herself and committed suicide. There have been multiple reasons reported for this shocking incident.

She was pronounced dead on the scene!!!

Her Body was discovered by a House Keeper. She was found hanging by the roof, which created a lot of strain around. Further Police investigation revealed the Suicide Note which wasn’t available for the Public.

What could be the exact Suicide reason??

It is still not clear, what is the exact suicide reason, as she had a successful career without any much failures, so the possible reason for failures in Profession could be made aside.


Her Return to the Industry was remarkable!

Much after She sold her company to Coach in a $2.4 billion deal, back in 2007, She took some time off her career to raise her child. Her return to the Fashion Industry was remarkable as she launched a new brand named after her daughter last year.

David Spade mourns the death of Kate Spade!

David Spade, who was seen mourning the death of sister-in-law and Designer Kate Spade, said, “I still can’t believe it. It’s a rough world out there people, try to hang on,” after the suicide note was made public.

Here’s what suicide note of Kate says!

In her Suicide Note, she mentioned, how much she loves her daughter and there is no mention of the reason she committed suicide. Even the relatives close to Kate and Family said that there was No turmoil reported in the family.

Was it Andy the reason behind the suicide??

It was reported by an insider source who revealed to PEOPLE magazine that Andy and Kate were separated before the suicide took place and were in no good terms with each other, and Andy was also looking for another apartment.