Space Glass

Space Glass was born in the process of Plus Alpha’s Kenshi Tomizu making various accessories using glass. We will introduce representative works of glass accessories including space glass that we have produced so far.

Glass artist Satoshi Tomizu

Glass artist Satoshi Tomizu from Japan sculpts small glass spheres that contain entire solar systems and galaxies.

He is an Award winning artist

Tomizu’s glass work recently won an Atelier Nova Design Award and appeared at the Handmade in Japan Festival.


The space glass has flecks of real gold, planets made of opals and trails of coloured glass seem to spin and loop like twists in the Milky Way.


The pieces are actually quite tiny and have a tiny glass loop so each piece can be turned into a pendant.

No matter what you believe in

To see those amazing systems of nature, from the purity of flowers to complexity of them solar systems, you can’t help but wonder in those extraordinary worlds.


You will wonder to see the pieces of gold flecks, coloured glass, opals are put together to spin creating a milky way is definitely clever.

The galaxies and flowers

The work is actually into two divisions some showing “galaxies” and other “flowers”, both are really excellent and impressive.

The idea of a necklet

The idea of a necklet is excellent that holds a galaxy inside; the one from Men in Black movie.

Check out the video: