Speculations And Clues Reveal Meghan Markle SEXTED To Prince Harry

The soon to be married Royal couple have already made the headlines for breaking a lot of norms of the British Empire. A lot of exceptions had been made for Meghan by the queen as well the government. Meghan also broke a lot of protocols and yet it gained a positive fame for Meghan. The American actress till now has been people’s favorite. But a recent shocking news might bring a big shame for Meghan and we are wondering what will be the reaction from the Royals. Read more to know what she exactly did.

The Royal Romance!


Just a year and a few months ago the American actress Meghan Markle and the royal ‘Prince Harry’ had no idea that they were going to be introduced by friends in London, both had personalities from different countries had some connection going on. Soon after meeting each other they started dating. The star actress from ‘Suits’, Meghan recently got engaged to Prince Harry in a small ceremony where Prince Harry went down on one knee and proposed the love of his life.

The Countdown For The Great Royal Wedding Begins…



Kensington Palace announced on February 11th about the wedding service to start at noon on May 19th at St. George’s Chapel. All the rituals of the wedding are to be carried out by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. After all the rituals and the wedding party, the newlywed couple will take a carriage ride through Windsor Town back to the Castle.

Since The Start Meghan Has Broken Many Laws


The Royal Family follows a tradition where a fiance of the Prince is not allowed to spend Christmas with the family unless they get married! Like how Kate Middleton spent Christmas apart from William in 2010. However, an exception was made in case of Meghan.

Meghan Attended The Christmas Dinner


It was reported that Meghan Markle will be spending Christmas with the Royal family this year, she will be having Christmas dinner with the Queen and her future family. For the first time, a Royal tradition will be broken! Meghan is reportedly caught up in scandal find out on next page…