Spooks Called Her “Monster” For Her Moles, But Now She’s A Potential Miss Universe Contestant

She in the end figured out how to accept her one of a kind appearance completely and is currently resolved to indicate others that it's alright to appear as something else. The first platform she wants to take her message to is Miss Universe 2018.

Infact, the 20-year-old has recently tried out for 2018’s Miss Universe Malaysia.


Despite the fact that it was difficult to manage looking “different” at initially, Delmundo eventually figured out how to accept her special looks and quit thinking shouldn’t something be said about others think.

The beauty is a Rungus-Filipino blend, brought up in Kota Kinablu, Sabah.


She is the second oldest of five kids. Presently, she works part time at a cat cafe while trying to be a beauty queen. Delmundo enjoys singing, playing the guitar and painting in her free time.