Spooks Called Her “Monster” For Her Moles, But Now She’s A Potential Miss Universe Contestant

She in the end figured out how to accept her one of a kind appearance completely and is currently resolved to indicate others that it's alright to appear as something else. The first platform she wants to take her message to is Miss Universe 2018.

She needed to manage different difficulties while growing up in light of what she looked like.


In primary school, different children would epithet her “monster” or “chipsmore,” which was difficult to take in at such a youthful age. At a certain point, it turned out to be so troublesome for her that she needed to request that her father come to class to scold the domineering jerks.

As she grew older, the bullying decreased.


Delmundo truly began figuring out how to love and accept herself for her identity when she started going to chapel camp at 16 years old.