Spooks Called Her “Monster” For Her Moles, But Now She’s A Potential Miss Universe Contestant

She in the end figured out how to accept her one of a kind appearance completely and is currently resolved to indicate others that it's alright to appear as something else. The first platform she wants to take her message to is Miss Universe 2018.

Earlier in her life, Delmundo wanted to remove her moles.


She began consulting with doctors only to find out that the procedure was a risk to her health. So instead she decided to fully accept the body that she was born with. Now looking back upon things, Delmundo is actually grateful that she didn’t go through with the mole removal.

When managing negative remarks on her appearance, Delmundo typically ignores them.


When people rudely stare or make nasty remarks, she finds it unnecessary to fight back. “Haters don’t deserve my attention,” she told Elle.