Stephen Hawking Dies At 76: The World Mourns On Losing The Biggest Star Of Modern Science

Was Given Just Two Years To Live


After getting his the first treatment for the motor neuron disease the doctors gave him only two years to live which eventually drove him into a depression. Stephen managed to fight and rest is history.



Even after knowing Stephen Hawking had only two years to live Jane Hawking got engaged to him in 1964 and married in 1965. As Stephen’s health got worst, Jane, had to look for a unique exception from her school as understudies were not regularly permitted to marry.


A New Way Of Thinking About The World


Stephen Hawking stated losing his ability to walk and carry out his work but it did not stop him. So trained his mind to work in a new way. After losing the use of his limbs Hawking developed a way of visualizing problems in his mind to reach a solution instead of writing equations. Keep reading to know more about Stephen Hawking on the next page…