You will agree that your storage could use an upgrade. We’ve collected a bunch of options, both for mass storage and organization, and for making fibre arts more convenient in general. Take a look.

1. An Old Wipe Container


These plastic containers even have a score ideal for pulling yarn through without the ball straying over the room. Once you’ve emptied one of its original contents, clean the inside altogether and finish with some pretty paper!

2. An Old Teapot


Which has the additional advantage of being cute!

3. A pinch, binder clips or clothespins


Simply clip them to the side of a bowl and run the yawn through to shield it from tangling.

4. The CD Cases


Who uses the CDs now a days, Narrow shelved CD Cases can be used for storing Yarns.

5. A bag


It will be easy method to handle Yarns by keeping them in the bag while Travelling… Its simple to carry a bag on your wrist.

6. Domed Drink Cups


Just put One End of the Yarn thrugh the Hole for Straw in The Cup.

7. A Plastic Basket


Seriously, anything with openings in the sides sufficiently enormous for your yarn to go through will work!

8. A sugar dispensers.


You will get these Sugar Dispensers at Restaurant Supply Stores Or The Antique Malls. Dollar Stores also Provide these containers.

9. A swatch book


So you have your yarn perfectly sorted out and put away, yet that is still a considerable measure of stuff to experience when you’re beginning another project. It takes some doing, yet making yourself a swatch book like this one will be a tremendous timesaver later on.

10. A pegboard


If you have numbers of yarn, then you can put a pegboard setup to match!

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